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Club Social Media

DOCV hosts a closed Facebook group for DOCV members only - search for 'DOCV Ducati Owners Club Victoria' and make sure it is the affiliated page. The Committee uses the Facebook group to advise members of various club-related goings-on or changes to rides etc, and members use it to communicate about all sorts of things, including posts about DOCV and other bike-related events, interesting articles people have found on the interweb, Ducatis for sale (or stolen) and lots more. Access to this closed Facebook group is on request and all requests are reviewed by the Administrator before being accepted.

The Facebook group is not moderated, so behave!

If you do join the DOCV Facebook group you must act responsibly and be respectful of others. We do not moderate the group but we may, in our sole and absolute discretion, remove any content submitted or posted by you which we consider inappropriate or not in keeping with the intent of the the group, or we may remove you from the closed group altogether.
In addition DOCV disclaims all liability and is not responsible for, and does not endorse any content submitted on the DOCV Facebook Group other than formal DOCV postings.

Instagram open to anyone

We also have a public Instagram account, which anyone can see, just search for "DOCV_Aust". This allows people who are not yet members to get a sneak-peek at what kinds of things our club is up to and to be encouraged that we are a diverse and interesting group of 'normal' people with a shared passion for the Ducati marque.

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