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About us

The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria is one of the oldest and largest Ducati clubs in the world. We are an official factory affiliated club and a leading member of the global Ducati Owners Club community. 

In 2016, DOCV celebrated its 40th anniversary and as part of the celebrations Russ Murray, a Life Member, published a brief history of the club encompasing the rides, magazine, social activites and members. Check it out, it's a great read: 40 years of the Ducati Owners Club of Victoria (PDF, 195MB).

All this Ducati-ness began way back in March 1976 when a group of enthusiastic and friendly Ducati owners who shared a passion for their motorcycles got together. Since that first meeting, the Club has developed into an organisation of members who all share that same passion for their beloved Ducatis. 

As a club we are many things: a club for Ducati enthusiasts young and old, a classic bike club, a club for getting your Ducati out on a race track, a family-friendly social club with popular regular monthly meetings and weekend getaways, an excuse to get out and ride every fortnight on our regular club rides, and much more.  It is sometimes difficult to pin it down, but we are a club of passionate, fun-loving motorcyclists who love their bikes.

The Club caters for bikes from all eras. While many members own modern Ducatis, there are a lot of members with older and rarer bikes tucked away in garages, sheds and the odd lounge room. Owners and their bikes get out and about on the regular DOCV organised rides (usually two a month) to the various motorcycle friendly roads around Melbourne and its environs. Often we see the older bikes, many with club plates, appear on occasions such as the Italian motorcycle concourse or the annual 'Bevelution' ride specifically for the old 'bevel' bikes - it's a sight and sound (and smell) to behold!

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