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Passionate about your Ducati? ... Join the club.

To join in the fun you need to be a Club member.  The club offers a number of different membership types and you don't even need to own a Ducati.

The Club membership year runs annually starting in March which means you will need to join or renew your membership by February 28th each year.

Members who join from December onwards will be considered members for the new club year.

Here are the different membership the Club offers:

Full Membership

The Full membership is a single membership for anyone who owns a Ducati motorcycle.  Full members are entitled to access all Club events and services (within the rules of each event and service), entitled to vote at elections and special resolutions and may fill a committee position subject to normal election procedures.

To be eligible as a full member a person must own a Ducati motorcycle and proof of ownership may be required.

Price: $89.00 per year, prorated

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Family Membership

Family Membership allows members of a family to join under a single membership, pay a single fee, and received a single club magazine (Desmoto).  Two people, aged 18 years or over, who share the same residence and own at least one Ducati motorcylce are eligible for Family membership and both adults under a Family membership hold a status equivalent to that of a Full member, i.e. they are entitled to all events and services of the Club, to vote and to fill committee positions. A Family Membership carries two votes, one for each of the adult members. 

Family membership can also include dependents under the age of 18 years, who also live in the household. Dependent Family members are entitled to pariticpate in events but are not eligible to vote or fill committee positions. Dependents will cease to be eligible under a Family membership once they turn 18 years of age, to continue their membership, they will need to sign up as a Full or Associate member.

A Family membership is not for your brothers and sisters or now-left-home grown-up children or distant cousins - it is for a household that has at least one Ducati in the garage. If that is not you, then either Full or Associate membership is what you are after.

Price: $149.00 per year, prorated
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Associate Membership

Don't own a Ducati or even a motocycle?  No problems, you can still join with an Associate membership. We have many Associate members who just love being part of the club and coming on rides and our weekends away and of course our club-members-only Fun Day events at the Phillip Island and Broadford race circuits.

Also, if you have a classic car or bike that is not a Ducati and are looking to put club plates on it, then this membership is the one for you.

An associate member is entitled to all Club events subject to the committee’s discretion, and may make use of all Club services.  An associate is ineligible to vote or become a committee member.

Note:  In the case of Club events where numbers are limited and/or the event is over-subscribed preference may, at the committee’s discretion, be given to Full members.  An Associate member shall not be excluded individually from an event by cause of being an Associate member.  Exclusion shall be applied across the membership class as a whole or places shall be allocated on a 'first come first served' basis.

Yes, Associate members still receive our great club magazine Desmoto.

Price: $89.00 per year, prorated
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Life Membership

Unfortunately, you can't buy this one.

Life membership is an honour that may be bestowed upon a member of the Club, at the discretion of the Committee, in recognition of his or her exceptional contribution for the betterment of the Club and its members. A person is made a Life member in recognition of their service to the Club and will, by definition, be a long-standing member.

A Life member holds a status equivalent to a Full member, ie. entitled to all events and services of the Club and entitled to vote and fill committee positions. However, a Life member is not required to pay the annual membership fees.

A Life Member’s spouse and any children, under the age of 18 years, are eligible for Family membership provided they share the same residence as the Life Member, and are also not required to pay the annual membership fees.

Price: 'priceless'

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