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DOCV Fun Day Details and Rules of Behaviour – All you need to know

With anything motorcycling related there is an element of risk to you, or worse, your bike.  Therefore there are some rules that are in place to make sure nothing untoward happens if everyone follows them.

Note: Non-adherence to any of the rules may result in a rider being banned from the track for the remainder of the session or in extreme cases the rest of the day. We hire these circuits under an agreement which is quite different to those for Superbike School, Ride Days etc, so please don’t assume that the same rules apply. We also have specific club rules – if you don’t want to comply with them then please let us know and we will refund your payment.

  • This is a Fun Day, Not A Race Day. Ride in a responsible manner, which does not cause danger to other participants, either on the track or in the pit-lane. The speed limit in the pit lane is 60Kmh
  • No wheelies, burnouts, etc, whether on the track, pit lane or elsewhere
  • Passing manoeuvres must be executed safely. Minimum of 2 Metres between motorcycles throughout the whole of the passing procedure. Responsibility for safety rests with the passing rider.
  • Riders should only use the track and the pit-lane. However, if a rider accidentally leaves the track they may rejoin the circuit at the place indicated by the marshals.
  • When at Phillip Island, if you run-off at turn 4, follow the road into the pits and re-join from pit lane under instructions from the marshals. Do not just re-enter the track.
  • If the rider intends to retire and is unable to return to the pits then they must park their motorcycle in a safe area as indicated by the marshals.
  • Riders who are returning slowly to the pits for any reason should ensure that they travel as far as possible off the normal riding line.
  • Riders must not ride or push their motorcycles in the opposite direction of the circuit, either on the track or in the pit lane, unless doing so under the direction of a marshal.
  • Riders who have a breakdown or accident must move off the track and behind the tyre wall or barrier as soon as they are able. If bits fall off your bike, don’t go and look for them – inform the coordinators / marshals.
  • Riders must not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, stop to assist other riders who have fallen, left the track or broken down.
  • Spectators/friends of riders – there are restrictions where you can be. This is not a race day or public meeting - our areas of access are restricted to the pit area and on top of the pit building. If you want other access then we have to request this from PI management. Spectators are the responsibility of the rider they accompany.
  • No alcohol in pit area.
  • No open toed footwear in pit lane.
  • No under 16s in pit lane.
  • If you are on a moving motorcycle in the pit area or even in the carpark area – you MUST be wearing a helmet.
  • Speeds are limited to 140kph for the pillion session.
  • On bike cameras and video equipment must have a factory mount and be safety wired.
  • Please avoid taking photographs of damaged bikes or riders involved in an accident, but if you must for insurance purposes, then do not uploaded them to social media unless given express permission from the rider involved in the incident and the Committee. If you upload the content, the Committee will ask you to remove it and you must do so as soon as possible.
  • Riders must obey the track marshals at all times.
  • Riders must obey the flag signals and any boards that convey instructions.



You must also sign a DOCV Indemnity Form before participating in this event. This is separate to any circuit Indemnity form you sign at the gatehouse.

Participating in this event is an Acknowledgment of Danger and Release from Liability.

WARNING. This is an important document, which affects your legal rights and obligations. Read the form carefully and do not sign unless you are satisfied and understand what you are signing.

I participate in this event by confirming that I am the holder of a current Australian Motorcycle Drivers Licence and I acknowledge that:

  • Motor Racing and Associated sports are dangerous.
  • I will act in accordance with the Rules of Behaviour as published in the DOCV Rules of Behaviour.
  • Other people will be using the circuit at the same time as me.
  • My presence at the circuit may expose me to danger either from incidents caused by me or by another person or persons or by the nature of activities conducted at the circuit.
  • That I may be injured, physically, or mentally and may be killed.
  • That my machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed.
  • That other track users may ride dangerously or with lack of skill.
  • That track or event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predictability.
  • That there may be inadequate facilities for my treatment or transport if I am injured.
  • I declare that I have a valid motorcycle licence in the state I am riding in.
  • I declare that the motorcycle that I am riding is in a safe working condition and suitable for the event I am participating in.
  • I declare that I am medically and physically fit to participate in this event.

In signing this agreement I intend to and do release, indemnify and hold harmless the Ducati Owner's Club of Victoria Inc., all of its agents, officers, landowners and facility operators, and all other participants of the ride day from any liability for any negligence which results in an injury or death to me, loss or damage to my machinery or equipment, whether such negligence is active or passive.

I further acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules set out under the information for the specified Fun Day, as published in the DOCV Rules of Behavior.

I further acknowledge that should I fail to abide by these rules and recommendations as published, that it could cause me to be black flagged from the session, or banned from participating in the remainder of the day.

I further acknowledge that I am prepared to take my chances of injury or death, and assume the risk that I may be injured or killed while participating in this event.

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