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Want to know why we love Fun Days so much? Here are some testimonials following our Broadford Fun Day on 16 December 2019:

Rodney: I like it much more than PI. Why? Despite having the same people organising it the atmosphere is much more relaxed at Broadford. It is not as intimidating, and has corners that can be easy or challenging depending on how you want to make them.

Katie: Broadford really is a super fun track, personally my favorite compared to PI, and turn 1 is probably the best corner ever. Also it's only 1 hr from Melbourne, the facilities are great, the pits are free, and the cafe makes great coffee and food too.

Lex: If you like the feel of speed, Phillip Island is the place, if you want to test your bike handling skills come to Broadford. The back half of Broadford is a heart in your mouth roller coaster ride if you have the cojones to attack it!!! Shorter track means more laps more opportunities to develop your skills.

Garry: Bloody great fun circuit, more fun than PI in my opinion, and a real carnival feel and great vibe from everyone.

Matt: Broadford is one of the best tracks out there for practicing double apex corners. It has 3 of them and my time spent practicing at broadie has definitely helped me get a lot faster at P.I. It's also an advantageous track for newer track day riders like myself. Because it's cheaper, closer and smaller than P.I, it really helps hone your skills. I have met several DOCV club members at various Broadford (Champion's) ride days who don't come on weekend or overnight rides, as well as many other Ducati owners who are not club members, so it is a great place to meet fellow track riders.

Chris: It’s a great track to practice late braking and flowing corners, great track to really practice cornering and braking - any rider can be fast in a straight line.

Sebastian: I think what is best about the Broadford is that is suites all riders; beginners and experienced. It’s cheaper than Philip Island and closer for a lot of people. I can honestly say I enjoyed Broadford more than PI and I cannot wait to do it again!

Mitch: Broadford is an exciting and surprisingly technical track that really challenges riders to learn its secrets well. More so than any other track it rewards line and precision more than outright speed. A track where a well steered small capacity bike can match or even best the times of a much more powerful bike. It really is the natural counterpoint to Phillip Island and an absolute must do in my opinion.

Dave: A great day was had, despite the weather, by myself and everyone around me. There's something extra special about being 'on track' with other like-minded enthusiasts riding their Ducatis at full noise. I personally used a tank full of fuel and that's about my physical limit at that pace nowadays!

Dean: Great little track, thoroughly enjoyed the day. Bring on the next one.

Rhett: Personally Broadford is great because you can test yourself as a rider even if your motorcycle is not the ducks nuts. I had such a great time on Lauren’s little Monster as evidenced when I flew past riders on larger bikes.

David: Broadford track days. Exciting, fun, and an experience very much more like normal road riding than Phillip Island. Fast, Slow, Technical, you are able to make of the day what you want.

Andrew: Best fun track you can ride and learn better road skills on. Amazing grip even when damp/wet. Doesn’t matter what riding skill you are at or how slow/fast you are, you will be amazed at how much better rider you will become with some track time!

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