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DOCV Values

What we do – Our positive behaviours

Our club culture is as an immune system – we need to keep it healthy and don’t let it get run down, so:

  • We treat all club members, guests, committee and members of the public with respect, and in a polite and courteous manner
  • We welcome guests and new members in a warm and friendly way
  • We bring new people into the group, and we don’t leave them on the outside
  • We communicate in a way that is open, positive, and not intimidating
  • We act honestly, sincerely and with integrity
  • We accept personal responsibility for our own actions
  • If we get things wrong then we acknowledge it, and we work to make things right
  • We act openly and fairly – we don’t play favourites, and we ensure everyone has equal opportunities
  • We understand that we are as different as the bikes we own and ride. We embrace diversity
  • We accept all members for who they are, and the value they bring to the club
  • We respect others' opinions even if we don’t agree. We seek to understand instead of arguing the point
  • We don’t just celebrate high-achievers, we celebrate all achievers
  • We encourage others instead of criticising them
  • We make our club a great place for everyone - for men, women, and families

Our Purposes of Association

The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria is an active, inclusive and social community of people who share a passion for Ducati motorcycles. The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria:

  1. organises social rides, extended motorcycle tours, track fun days, service days and other social occasions for Members; and
  2. promotes the image and social acceptance of motorcycling; and
  3. recognises the importance of maintaining a living history of motorcycling and is authorised to operate under the VicRoads Club Permit scheme; and
  4. advocates safe riding and rider education; and
  5. encourages inexperienced riders to gain experience in a supportive environment; and
  6. provides Members access to a comprehensive collection of resources, including Ducati-related reference materials, books and tools; and
  7. engages with Members to encourage participation, camaraderie and sharing of experiences, knowledge, tips and ideas; and
  8. uses and protects the Intellectual Property of the Association; and
  9. may undertake and or do all such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these Purposes.

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