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DOCV Award Winners

DOCV has recognised the efforts of extraordinary club members since the club's first year of existence in 1977 and the Committee and members alike recognise that it is due to the efforts of club members such as these that the DOCV is as successful as it is today.

Clubman Award (marque 1)
The second club newsletter, of May 1977, advised members that the club was experiencing some problems with attendance at club rides and meetings. In response, the committee had decided to implement a points scoring system for a new clubman of the year trophy. This trophy was to be awarded annually to the member who attended the most club events during the year. The inaugural recipient was Mick Robinson.

Don McClelland Award
In 1982, the Clubman Award was revamped and become known as the Don McClelland Award. Don McClelland was an active, enthusiastic club and committee member until his death resulting from a motorcycle accident. His efforts in the organisation and promotion of the club were greatly responsible for the significant enhancement of the club’s profile and subsequent increase in memberships at a time when the club was still in its fledging formative years. The Don McClelland Award was instituted to commemorate Don's efforts and was awarded annually, from 1982 through until 2001, to the non-committee club member who contributed the most to the club for the year.

Anthony Licciardo Award
Following the death of another club member, Anthony Licciardo, killed whilst riding his Ducati, the committee decided to create another commemorative award for the club member who attended the most club events. The Anthony Licciardo Award was first awarded in 1992, in addition to the Don McClelland Award, and was awarded annually from 1992 through until 2001.

Clubman Award (marque 2)
With the unfortunate passing of other club members as a result of motorcycle accidents, the committee made the decisions to wind up these two commemorative awards and combine them, once again, as the annual Clubman Award. The Clubman Award was again awarded in 2002, this time to the non-committee club member who contributed the most to the club for the year.

Club Member of the Year Award
In 2012, the committee decided that the award should go to a husband and wife couple and that 'Clubman' was therefore not an appropriate title for the award. And so the name was changed to 'Club Member of the Year'. The Club Member of the Year Award is awarded annually, at the December general meeting, to the club member/s (excluding committee members) deemed to have contributed the most to the club throughout the year.

Selection for the award takes into consideration a member's participation in club events and activities, attendance at club meetings, support of other members, encouragement of a positive club culture, assistance provided to the committee, efforts to enhance the club's offering and any other extraordinary club-related undertakings.

Ralphino Verde Award for Wondrous Writing
Ralphino Verde was the nom de plume of prolific Desmoto contributor, past President and Editor and Life Member, Ralph Green. Ralphino Verde’s penmanship graced the pages of Desmoto for many years, right up until his passing from a long-fought illness on 9 December 2016. His final article was titled ‘Ralphino’s Last Lap’, published in the December 2016 issue of Desmoto, and his writings always exuded his humour, his larger-than-life intellect and his passion for everything motorcycling.

Ralph’s first Committee position was as President in 1993/94, after only 4 or 5 years being a member - a brave step up for a relative newbie to the club. This bravery to lead the way was to surface again almost 10 years later, but in the meantime Ralph became Editor in 1994/95 and Ralphino remained on the Editorial Committee from 1995-1997.

It was in 2002/03 Ralph, once again, stepped into the fray by putting his hand up to be President, after the club had spent a whole year without one (the first time the club had ever had a vacancy for the position of President). So, when Ralph was awarded Life Membership at the general meeting in December 2008, it was not just for the mark he had stamped on the club annals through his writing, it was for stepping up to lead the show at a time when nobody else was willing to risk it and for ensuring that, under his leadership, the club’s past political problems were stabilized.

This award was previously known as the Desmoto Editor’s Choice Article of the Year Award, instigated in December 2015, however, in his poignant winner’s acceptance speech at our general meeting in March 2017, Rodney Brooke said he was honoured to receive the award and recognised Ralph Green for inspiring him through his musings as Ralphino Verde.

Hearing this, the then Desmoto Editor Rob Labuc, had the idea that we should change the name of the Editor’s Choice Award to recognise Ralph’s contributions to Desmoto over the years. This suggestion was raised at our April 2017 Committee meeting and the Committee agreed it would be a fitting tribute to Ralph to rename the award to The Ralphino Verde Award for Wondrous Writing.


Thank you to the following extraordinary club members for their contribution to DOCV's past and ongoing success:

"Clubman" Trophy (marque 1)
1977 - Mick Robinson (inaugural winner)
1978 - Mick Robinson
1979 - ? unknown
1980 - ? unknown
1981 - ? unknown

Don McClelland Award
1982 - Dave Millsom
1983 - Gary Parnaby
1984 - Reuben Hogget
1985 - Gerard Porter
1986 - John Withers
1987 - Gary Parnaby
1988 - Peter Shearman
1989 - Dave Webber
1990 - Paul & Kerry Dickson
1991 - Peter Sack
1992 - John Lyon
1993 - Peter Birtles
1994 - Lawrence Gibbs
1995 - Paul Jackson
1996 - Juergen Taffler
1997 - Kyall Sadler
1998 - Ken Jackson
1999 - Paul Dyall
2000 - Paul Jackson
2001 - Peter Sack

Anthony Licciardo Award
1992 - Bill Durham
1993 - Lawrence Gibbs / John Lyon
1994 - John Lyon
1995 - John Lyon
1996 - Bill Mackrell
1997 - Bill Mackrell
1998 - Juergen Taffler
1999 - Francis & Kathy Pallotta
2000 - Barry French
2001 - Geoffrey Fong
2002 - Geoffrey Fong

"Clubman" Trophy (marque 2)
2002 - Tony Cartwright
2003 - Bob Brown
2004 - Annette & Peter “Trak” Cross
2005 - Ian Ballantine
2006 - Sue Saxton
2007 - Michelle Elphinstone
2008 - Glenn & Jen Loechel
2009 - Chris Young
2010 - Russ Murray
2011 - Sandro Basso

Club Member of the Year Award
2012 - Paul & Kathie van Vugt
2013 - Simone & Stuart Darke
2014 - Peter Varalla
2015 - Andrew Doyle
2016 - Melanie Reynolds
2017 - Geoff Salmon
2018 - Kathy Hodge
2019 - Geoff Salmon
2020 - No Award

2021 - Armando Mercuri

2022 - Flavio Zamparo

Ralphino Verde Award for Wondrous Writing
2016 - Rodney Brooke (inaugural winner)
2017 - Oliver Barrett
2018 - Mike Hart
2019 - Oliver Barrett, Garry Elphinstone
2020 - Geoff Zippel

2021 - Glenn Loechel

2022 - John Taylor

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