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How a Fun Track Day Works

Fun Days are called just that to distinguish them from Track Days – we’re there to have fun.

We would recommend that you prepare in advance so that on the day you’re not rushed and you can enjoy the day. Don't leave it until the morning of the day, trust us, you'll be bound to forget something then!

If you have any questions or want anything clarified please ask, everyone was new once upon a time and it's better to ask than have a problem at the track. 

Who is eligible to attend? DOCV Fun Days are usually only for DOCV members only and all members, including family members under a Family Membership, are eligible to attend. Sometimes we will extend an invitation to friends of DOCV, and these attendees will be accepted as 'Invitational Members' for the event and must abide by our Constitution and rules. Obviously, it's a Ducati event and we love seeing Desmos on the track, however, you are welcome to ride any bike model so long as it meets the scrutineering criteria.

Understand your responsibilities: Please read the Legal page of our website to ensure you understand your responsibilities as a participant on a DOCV event.

Organisation: Your DOCV committee and a handful of Club volunteers manage things pitside, but we have professional Marshalls running the track. These guys know their stuff and will help you if you need it, they will also give you some ‘constructive criticism’ if they see that you’re not aware of some of the track rules. We also have professional paramedics at the track who are there to care for you if you need it. We hope you don’t.

We hire the circuits from Phillip Island and Broadford circuit management and so must follow the conditions of hire. These conditions may be different to those of other track users eg. PI Ride Days, so we have specific rules we have to follow. We hope to continue to hire the circuits in future so your good conduct on the day assists us with that.

Your Fun Day Number: The Fun Day number allocated to you can be viewed through ‘Your Profile’ at If you do not have a number please go to our contact us page and nominate "Fun Day Number".

Arrival: The gates usually open at 7:30am at both circuits. When we are at Phillip Island you (riders and pillions) will be required to complete a Phillip Island Indemnity form at the gatehouse. You must show your drivers licence so take it into the gatehouse office with you. All spectators have to fill out a Spectator form. The committee are allowed in early so that they can set up and be ready when all other riders arrive. Broadford do not require an additional indemnity form.

Registration: BEFORE YOU UNLOAD YOUR MOTORCYCLE you must register with the DOCV committee. Take your helmet with you – it has to be checked for ADR or EU compliance so make sure it has an ADR sticker or the UNECE "E" tag. Registration will be completed in one of the pit garages, just look for the garage with a table manned by committee members with the registration list – it’s usually a garage on the control tower end of the pits. At registration you will receive a sticker for your helmet that indicates your riding group.

Scrutineering: Only after you register should you unload your motorcycle (or prep it if ridden to the track). Please roll your bike (don’t have it running) to the scrutineering pit garage or marquee (often marked with the witches hats). 

The scrutineers are usually committee members or experienced Fun Day riders but remember they are volunteers. They are applying the conditions that the circuit requires of the DOCV, which are often different to those for Superbike School or PI Ride Days.

BEFORE rolling your bike to the scrutineering pit garage ensure:

  • All mirrors and lights (front and back), including indicators are taped up. Note: this may be different to Superbike School or PI Ride Days, however it is a DOCV requirement.
  • Your Fun Day Number is on the FRONT LEFT HAND SIDE of the bike and is clearly visible from 30 metres. This is a circuit requirement. (Fun Day Numbers can be made out of tape on the day, however this must be done prior to scrutineering).
  • You have working brakes and adequate pads, your throttle returns quickly and firmly, your handlebars and footpegs are secure, and you do not have any loose parts.

NOTE: If your bike is NOT PROPERLY PREPARED you will have to make good elsewhere and RETURN TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Scrutineers wearing flouro vests will check your bike for basic track safety and then apply a sticker. Without this sticker you are not authorised to ride on the track. The marshalls may stop you in pit lane if they see that you don’t have a sticker.

IMPORTANT: The Scrutineers are doing a basic safety check, this check does not guarantee your bike is safe to ride. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS about the mechanical safety of your bike you should have a qualified mechanic inspect it WELL IN ADVANCE of the Fun Day.

Rider Briefing: The rider briefing will commence at 8:45am outside the registration pit garage - all participants must attend. If you are a first time Fun Day rider please attend the briefing ready to ride. An orientation lap for those who would like to do it will commence immediately after the briefing – all riders new to the circuit must do the orientation lap(s). The Slow Group will commence immediately after the orientation ride - be ready to ride soon after the briefing.

The Chief Marshall will explain the rules of the track and the meaning of the different flags. It’s critical you listen to and understand what he says.

Groups: We will be operating in set groups to maximise track time and reduce congestion. Groups will be confirmed upon registration, but they generally are Slow, Medium Slow, Medium Fast and Fast. Depending on demand, when we are at Phillip Island there is usually a Pillion Session at midday.

Pit Garages: There will be plenty of garages available, however, Phillip Island do charge per garage. This cost can be shared by all using the garage (up to 6). First in first served. Just get together with some other riders (if in doubt, just ask) to share a garage. Garages are free of charge at Broadford. Garages have power points for tyre warmers, but you will need an extension lead. Garages can’t be booked in advance, but you can organise one with a few others.

A PI official usually walks around mid morning and collects cash payments for each garage – bring some folding stuff.

You don’t have to use a garage if you don’t want to. You can setup next to your car or trailer provided you do safely and don’t create a hazard to other users.

Clothing: Riders and pillions must wear leather motorcycle clothing on the track, as well as a scrutineered helmet, gloves and boots. Jackets must attach securely to pants (usually by a zip). This is a circuit requirement. Marshalls keep an eye out for this.

Pillions: One pillion session is scheduled at midday so please notify us at registration (with the name of the pillion) if you are interested. There is no cost for the pillion but they must also complete a Phillip Island Indemnity Form upon arrival at the gatehouse and this form must be clearly marked PILLION. Pillions must be over 18 years old. The pillion helmet must also be scrutineered before the session starts.

Food and drink: The circuit café will be open from mid-morning - it serves a range of fast food, sandwiches, coffee and cold drinks. You can bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic).

Fuel: There is no fuel for sale or available on the circuit. If you think you might need extra then bring an approved jerry can.

What to do if you have a problem on the track: The Chief Marshall will cover this is his briefing. In short, get off the track and behind the tyre wall or barrier. Leave your bike where it is if it isn’t simple to move it. The marshals will look after the rest. DO NOT STAY ON THE TRACK TO TRY TO FIX YOUR BIKE!

Getting there: We highly recommend that you don’t ride to the track. Getting there might be OK but riding home exhausted is not a good or safe idea. We suggest you hire or borrow a trailer or van for your bike if you don’t have one. Some rental vans are equipped with tie-down points, but these vans usually have to be specifically ordered as most vans in have flat floors and walls so nowhere to tie down a bike. 

If you would like to share a ride or accommodation or find someone with a trailer etc. then become a member of the Ducati Owners Club Victoria Facebook group. You can use the DOCV Facebook page to communicate with many other DOCVisti. Contact Club Captain(s) through Facebook to become a member.


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